Light Horse Show 

     Entry Deadline


        June19,2020 at 9:00am   

      ry DeadJune19, 202Jj0   by 9:00 am.


What is Ranch Riding?

Ranch horse pleasure is an individually performed pattern class, and judges may choose from four official patterns or create their own that includes a combination of required maneuvers. Unlike other pattern classes, few markers are used in ranch horse pleasure, requiring riders to form a plan.

What pattern will be required at the Ninette Fair? The pattern will be posted in the morning before the show.

Thank You


Due to The Corvid 19 Pandemic The Board of Directors of the Pelican Lake Agricultural Society after much discussion and deliberation have made the difficult decision to postpone the 2020 Pelican Lake Ag. Society Fair which would have taken place on June 19 - 21 until June 2021. To all our past and present exhibitors stay safe, stay healthy, and we look forward to seeing you all when this is over. 

With postponing the Fair, we would request that if you have a 2020 Fair Book please keep it till next year as we are planing on using it as all divisions and classes will remain the same, the only changes will be the dates. Please check Facebook and our Website for any updates.

                              Thank You